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June 24, 2019

Federal/ODP Invasion of the Amhara Regional State!

Things are still evolving and accurate information is being stifled from leaking out to the public about the violent incident at ADP headquarters on Saturday, June 22. Two competing narratives are very much in evidence.

1. The Federal Government’s Narrative:

An attempted coup d’etat led by BG Asaminew Tsige was foiled with the loss of many lives in Bahir Dar including those Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen, Ato Ezez Wassie, Ato Migbaru Kebede, and BG Asaminew Tsige. Pre-positioned Federal forces are said to conduct mass arrests which has resulted in the death of BG Asaminew in a fire fight near the border with Gonder. Closely related to the attempted coup in Bahr Dar, a body-guard assassinated General Seare Mekonnen together with retired Major General Gezai Abera in the former’s residence. The National Defense Forces are currently disarming militia and citizens in the Amhara Regional State.

2. The Alternative Narrative:

Incensed by a program to train Amhara militia to match the 400,000 militia each in Tigray and Oromia, and the arrest of 50 ring leaders (zonal officers, OLF militia, and Federal forces under the command of General Berhanu Jula) in terrorist attacks in the Kemise Zone, PM Abiy is said to have ordered Dr. Ambachew to fire BG Asaminew. At the conclusion of the three-day meeting which decided to fire the regional security chief, he was apparently in the line of gun fire upon entering the meeting hall to learn about the meeting’s outcome. This resulted in a fire fight between Federal and Regional forces with three losses of lives and many injuries. So, instead of a coup d’etat against Abiy, this looks like a pre-planned takeover of the Regional government by the Federal government.

Comment: It is odd that the Abiy Government stood by as 3 million Ethiopians were ethnically cleansed mainly by Somali and Oromo militias and yet he managed to enter Bahir Dar within hours. To accentuate the tragic drama, the PM himself was actually in Bahir Dar when the shooting was taking place. His Office issued press releases, with contradicting information and linking the events in Bahir Dar and Addis, within hours. Only the State media talked while the private media was completely shut out, including by the Internet blackout. Previously, the PM has spoken against the militia training but only for the Amhara Regional State. Furthermore, Federal intervention in ARS without the invitation of the regional government is a violation of the Ethiopian Constitution—a fact that may have prompted the inappropriate but clever label of “coup d’etat” and the elimination of General Seare to please the ODP extremists.

The truth will come out in the next few weeks but the destruction of some of the top leadership of the Amhara region is a tragedy for Ethiopia that only Tigrean and Oromo ethncists will see fit to celebrate. As long the evil ethnic-based political system reigns supreme, Ethiopia will continue to fragment and atrophy.

RIP: May the victim’s of the e political violence rest in peace.


April 11, 2019

We Condemn Federal and Regional Government Complicity in the repeated O.L.F.  Barbaric Acts in Wollo

  1. OLF terrorism goes national as it spreads to ARS with the Federal Government winking in approval and the ADP Government paralyzed in opportunism:

We are saddened by the death and destruction wrought by heavily armed OLF terrorists sporting the uniform and weapons of the Ethiopian army.  Nothing illustrates the connivance of the current EPRDF government than its willful ignorance  and tacit approval of the bid for greedy Oromo elites to reign supreme over the Ethiopian government by replacing the despised TPLF warlords.  The country, we are sad to admit, is now in the first stage of a bloody civil war. The bids by anti-Ethiopian ethnocrats to take over Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, Harrar, and Awassa appear to be an integral part of this evil strategy. Rwanda is calling.

 2. Know thy country:

The so-called Oromia Zone of the Amhara Regional State (ARS) covers a strip of territory in the south-east of the State, created by arbitrarily slicing territories from Wollo and Shewa on the insistence of the OLF in 1991.  The multi-ethic region covers such historic towns as Bati, Harbu, Kemise, and Senbete (Ataye). The half a million residents of the Zone comprise 60% of residents who self-identified in the 1994 Census as Oromo, 36% as Amhara, an 2.5% as Argobba.  Linguistically, 40% speak Oromiffa as first language, and 60% speak Amharic as first language.

3. Ask Questions:

  • It is commendable that the ARS has permitted local self-government in the minority areas (10% of ARS is non-Amhara) such as Awi, Wag-Himera, and Oromia (which is rather odd because Oromia is not an ethno-linguistic group, but an artificial territory created by the TPLF-OLF duo in 1991).

  • Aside from the politically explosive designation of the Zone as Oromia by the treacherous ADP/ANDM, it is not clear why such districts as Bati were even included at all!

  • That narrow Oromo ethno-nationalists are emboldened to make blatant territorial claims over this region (which has long become a center of Islamic extremism in ARS) points to the failure of the ADP to defend the interests of the residents of ARS.

4. Act Responsibly and with Courage:

  •  Donate in support of the victims of terrorism and ethnic cleansing,

  • Demand that the ADP resign wholesale for its catastrophic failure to protect citizens, and

  • More importantly, support ordinary citizens to mount an effective self-defense to deter destabilizing acts in the face of the utter failure of the ODP/OLF federal government to restore peace and security throughout the country—an elementary function of any government worthy of the name.


April 1, 2019

የዜጎች ቃልኪዳን መማክርት አመርቂ “የሽግግር ፍኖተ፟-ካርታ” ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ለውይይት አበረከተ፡፡ ባለፈው ሳምንት ይፋ የሆነው ሰነድ (በእንግሊዝኛ) ለሚቀጥሉት 3 አመታት የባላደራ መንግስትን የሚመራ፣ ዜጋ ተኮር አዲስ ህገመንግስትን የሚያረቅና፣ እንደ እርቅና የተዘረፉ የመንግስት ሃብቶችን ማስመለሻ ኮሚሽኖችን የሚያቋቁም የሽግግር ሸንጎ ከየወረዳው እንዲመረጥ የሚሉ ሁሉን-አቃፊ ሃሳቦችን ያካትታል፡፡

ሰነዱን ለማንበብ እዚህ ይርገጡ፡፡


March 2, 2019

ADWA: An African Victory

Proudly join the 123th Commemoration and Celebration of the historic Adwa Victory—the first time a non-white nation decisively defeated a European colonizer! The famous Wollo Cavalry from Yeju and Dessie Zuria so terrorized the Italian Army at Adwa that the Italian soldiers had to flee on the news of their coming!

Menelik beats Napoleon in greatness: “ The Adwa campaign spanned 5 months and 580 miles. It was rivaled among nineteenth century military campaigns only by Napoleon’s Russian campaign, which took 3 months and logged 490 miles from Vilnius to Moscow. Unlike Napoleon’s Russian campaign, the Adwa campaign ended in victory. This is greatness.” R. Jonas, The Battle of Adwa (Cambridge University Press, 2011).


As we approach the anniversary of the takeover of power by the reformist wing of the EPRDF, we cannot help but be disappointed by the continued neglect of Wollo. Not to mention the ongoing ethnic cleansing of non-Oromos in Lege-Taffo right under the nose of the Prime Minister and apparently with the tacit approval of Ato Lemma. The power grab and land grab by extremists, especially around Addis Ababa, is an ominous development that will destroy any chance of transition to a democratic order.

May be, Wolloyes deserve the government they have gotten for the past 80 years! As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and the people of Wollo have not been crying loud enough:

  • Except for those brave brothers and sisters struggling on behalf of Raya. The recent resignations of senior Rayan members of the agamido TPLF in protest of its heavy-handed response to the just demand of the Raya people.

  • The demand of the Rayans is basically a demand to govern themselves as they wish. Ultimately, it is not about being Amhara, Tigre, or Wolloye per se. It is about the people deciding freely who they are and how they wish to govern themselves.

The inept ADP administration has so far had a dismal record in ensuring the safety and security of northern Wollo and northern Gonder against TPLF destabilization (even to the point of failing to ask for help from Federal forces, until now). It is proving itself second-rate by its failure to ensure a fair Amhara representation in the various Federal offices and commissions. More importantly, ADP’s continued meekness in addressing the development needs, especially of Wollo and northern Shewa, is nothing but scandalous.

Various officials of the Amhara Regional State are now telling us, with a straight face, that:

  • They watched passively the TPLF-sponsored Qimant extremists train and arm themselves over the last three years. Who did ADP thought was their target?!

  • Sudan’s defense forces have now established a military base some 25 miles into the Ethiopian border near Metema. Where were they and the Ethiopian national defense forces? Isn’t this neglect treasonous?

  • Facing the impending invasion of the Amhara Regional State on at least two fronts—Raya and Wolqait, they are telling us that 80% of the stock of advanced weapons which belonged to the Ethiopian army (as well as the Air Force) have been confiscated by the TPLF! This, if true, calls into question not just the loyalty but also the ability of the armed forces to defend the country and to quell political violence in the support of the police forces.

    Under these circumstances, the least ADP can do to redeem itself is to call for mass mobilization and civil defense exercises to minimize the impending massacre by a vengeful TPLF.

    የቀን ጅቦች ቧልታ፦

    'የአህያ ባል ከጅብ አያስጥልም!’

The central lesson: If people do not engage in informed and responsible civic activism, they will always be taken for granted by the powers that be. One cannot do the same thing over and over, and expect a different result!! Wake up!!


ጀግናው የራያ ህዝብ እርዱን እያለ ነው፦

መቀሌ ላይ የመሸገው የትህነግ ወሮበላና ዘረኛ ሃይል የዜጋዊ ማንነቴ ይከበር ብሎ ለሰላማዊ ሰልፍ በወጣው የራያ ህዝብ ላይ ልዩ ፖሊሶቹን እንደገና አስገብቶ የገደላ፣የቁሰላና የአፈሳ እኩይ ተግባሮቹን እያጧጧፈ ይገኛል፡፡ ነጻ የትግራይ መንግስትን ለማቋቋም የሚቃዠው ነውጠኛ ቡድን በህገ-መንግስት መልክ ያሰፈረው የከፋፍለህ ግዛው ስልትና ከርካሪ ገመድ አንገቱ ላይ ሳያስበው እየተጠመጠመበት ይታያል። የሚያስገርመን የአገሪቱን ሰላም ማስጠበቅ በማይችል አስተዳደር ላይ መውድቋ ነው። ለምሳሌ ያህል የፌደራል ሰራዊት በሚያሳፍር ሁኔታ ጅጅጋ ላይ ተልኩሶ በማሸግሸግ ህዝቡን እንዳስመታው ከአለማጣም ሳይቆይ አልቻልኩም በማለት እግሬ አውጭኝ ብሏል፡፡ ህዝቡ ድረሱል እያለ ነው፡፡

ለማንኛውም በኢሳት እለታዊ ፕሮግራም ላይ (በ 10/22/2018) የተደረገውን ትምህርታዊ ትንተና የሚከተለውን ማስጠንፈሪያ ረግጠው ይስሙ፡፡

ESAT Eletawi on Raya Resistance: Oct ‘18


October 14, 2018

አማራ ብሔራዊ ንቅናቄ [አብን] ብሔራዊ ምክር ቤት የተሰጠ መግለጫ (እዚች ይርግጡ)

ከላይ በተመለከቱት ወቅታዊ ጉዳዮች ላይ በመመርኮዝ የአብን ብሔራዊ ምክር ቤት የሚከተሉትን [ወሎን የሚመለከቱ] አቋሞች ይዟል:-

2) ያለሕዝብ ፍላጎት ከወሎ አማራ ግዛት ተቆርሶ ወደ ትግራይ ክልል በተጠቃለለው የራያ አማራ ግዛት የትግራይ ብሔራዊ ክልላዊ መንግስት የዜጎችን በአፍ መፍቻ ቋንቋቸው የመማር ፍላጎት እና መብት በመገደብ የሚያደርገውን ሕገወጥ ድርጊት እናወግዛለን፡፡ በኢትዮጵያም ሆነ አገሪቱ በተቀበለቻቸው ዓለማቀፍ ስምምነቶችና ሕግጋት ሕፃናት በአፍ መፍቻ ቋንቋቸው የመማር ሙሉ መብት እንዳላቸው በግልፅ ተደንግጎ የሚገኝ ነው፡፡ ይህ በሆነበት ሁኔታ የራያ አማራ ተማሪዎች ተገደው ያለፍላጎታቸው በትግርኛ ቋንቋ እንዲማሩ የትግራይ ክልል መንግስት የሚያደርገውን ያልተገባ ድርጊት በፍጥነት እንዲያቆም እንጠይቃለን፡፡ ፌዴራል መንግስቱም ጣልቃ በመግባት በራያ አማራዎች ላይ የሚደርሰውን በደልና ግፍ በፍጥነት እንዲያስቆም እንጠይቃለን፡፡

4) በላሊበላ ውቅር አብያተ ክርስቲያናት እና በጣና ኃይቅ ኃብቶቻችን ላይ እየደረሱ ያሉ ሰው ሰራሽ እና ተፈጥሯዊ ውድመቶች በእጅጉ ያሳስበናል፡፡ የፌዴራሉ መንግስትና የአማራ ብሔራዊ ክልላዊ መንግስት አስፈላጊውን ሁሉ እርምጃ በመውሰድ ኃብቶቻችንን እንዲታደጉ በጥብቅ እንጠይቃለን፡፡


  • ለዘብተኛው/አዝጋሚው መንግስት ሲያንቀላፋ የፖለቲካ ሽፍቶች በማናለብኝነት ስልጣንና መሬት ለመቀራመት የዘር ጭፍጨፋ እያደረጉ ነው፡፡ ወደ ህዝብ-ለህዝብ ጦርነትም አገሪቷን እያመሯት ነው፡፡

  • አዲስ አበባን፣ ናዝሬትን፣ ድሬዳዋን የመሰሳሉት የመላ ኢትዮጵያዊ መዲናዎችን ካረመኔዎች ያልተከላከለ ለይስሙላ ሰንደቅ ከሚሽከም የኮረፌ ጋን ቢያዝል አያምርበትም??

አገሪቷ የገጠማትን የዘረኛ መሪ መተካካት አደጋ ለመረዳት ይህን አስተማሪ ትንተና ያንብቡ፡፡

Zecharias Zelalem, “The Privatization of Violence: Why Chaos is Making a Comeback in Abiy’s Ethiopia,” Addis Standard, September 21, 2018.

<< It is now becoming clear that this “privatization” of violence has opened the doors to anyone, with access to weapons, the freedom to kill. Talk of reconciliation and democratizing the state can bear fruit only if a degree of normalcy is maintained nationwide. If unchecked, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s lackadaisical approach to domestic security will be his downfall… It’s high time “Team Lemma” put niceties to the side and put a foot down.  >>



የራያ ሕዝብ መብታችን-ይከበር ጥያቄ:-

ወሎየ አማራ ነን፣ነፃ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ነን!!

*** የራያ ሕዝብ የጠየቀዉ ራስን-በራስ የማስተዳደር መብቱን፣ የተረሳውን እድገቱንና፣ በተለይም በጉልበት የተቀማዉን የታሪክ ማንነቱን ነዉ!! ***

ነሓሴ 23፣ 2010 ዓ.ም.

 (August 28, 2018)

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ራያ፣አለማጣ፣አዘቦ፣አበርገሌ፣ ኮረም፣ አሸንጌ

ሁሉም ወሎ ናቸው፡፡ በወያኔ የጠለፋ ግዛት የደረባቸውን ግፍና በቅርቡ የተቀጣጠለውን የአርነት ትግላቸውን ለመገንዘብ ይችን መንደርደሪያ ይመልከቱ፡፡  Blogs (ጦማር) ገጽ ሄዳችሁ ሙሉውን አንብቡ፡፡ (August 18, 2018)


አዲስ ጦማር ከአቶ አገሬ አዲስ፦ (June 28, 2018)

"ከጭፍን ድጋፍ ገንቢ ነቀፋና ትችት ይመረጣል!"

Blogs (ጦማር) ገጽ ሄዳችሁ ሙሉውን አንብቡ፡፡


Ethiopian Government: Stop the escalating attacks on the Amhara, Amnesty international, June 8, 2018.


Editorial Note:

A.I. finally noticed the ongoing waves of ethnic cleansing of the Amhara (mostly Wolloye) from various regional states:  Beni Shangul-Gumuz, Wollega, and Illubabor.  What is most distressing is that the mass displacement of longtime residents and the confiscation of property in Qellem (Wollega) were organized in close cooperation with local OPDO officials to appease the Qeerro who we hear flipped the ill-gotten land for money.  This means, the youth protesters in some parts of the so-called Oromia Regional State are as much gripped by ethnic hatred and land grabbing as by freedom and solidarity with the Fano. Unless and until the Oromo, Somali, and Beni Shangul politicians learn to observe the rule of law and stop playing the ethnic card, there will be no united national movement for democracy.  The dislocation of 1.5 million Oromo and Somali, the Guji-Gedeo conflict (both of which were fond of dislocating the Amhara), the Sidama-Wolayta conflict in Awassa, the annexation of Amharaland (Raya, Wolqait-Tsegede-Humera, Metekel, etc.), the settlement of Tigreans and Nuers on the ancestral lands of the Afar, the Anuak, and the Amhara to change "the facts on the ground," and the renewed communal conflict in Dire-Dawa all teach the greedy victimizers the sobering lesson that ethnic cleansing is nothing but stupidly playing with fire--the cleansers will surely become the cleansed sooner than later.  A decent government will fully compensate the victims of the past 27 years of government-orchestrated violence and pillage, restore the rightful owners to their villages and neighborhoods, replace group rights by individual rights, and reject the idea of local referenda on the basis of rigged population settlements cynically organized by the TPLF/EPRDF regime.  Let's remove this political cancer before it consumes the entire body politic!!

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የተሳካ ስብሰባ!

የካቲት ፳፭ ቀን ፪ ሽህ ፲ ዓም (March 4, 2018)

ከስድስት ወራት በፊት (ጁላይ 6 ቀን 2017) በሲያትል ከተማ በአምስት የኢትዮጵያ ክፍላተ-አገር ማኅበራት፣ ማለትም በጎንደር ኅብረት ለኢትዮጵያ አንድነት፣ በሸዋ ሁለገብ ማኅበር፣ በወሎ የኢትዮጵያ ውርስና ቅርስ ማኅበር፣ በጎጃም ዓለም አቀፍ ማኅበርና በሲዳሞ ማኅበረሰብ ተመሥርቶ አሁን ሌሎቹንም ክፍለ-አገሮች እያጠቃለለ የመጣው የኢትዮጵያ ክፍላተ-አገር ኅብረት የመጀመሪያውን ስብሰባ በዋሽንግተን ዲ.ሲ. የካቲት ፲፰ ቀን ፪ ሽህ ፲ ዓ/ም (25-02-2018) ብዙ ታዳሚ በተሣተፈበት መልኩ በተሳካ ሁኔታ አጠናቋል . . .


Wollo Heritage Society: 

Press Release  on Woldiya Massacre

February 1, 2018


ወሎ የኢትዮጵያ ውርስና ቅርስ ማህበር:-

"መግለጫና አስቸኳይ ጥሪ"

ጥር 23 ቀን 2010 (January 31, 2018)

የወሎ ጀግና ወጥር ገመዱን፣

ለነጻነትህ ጥረግ መንገዱን! . . . 


ከኢትዮጵያ ክ/ሃ ሕብረት ስለወልድያ የአጋዚ ጭፍጨፋ የተሰጠ መግለጫ፦

January 20, 2018

«የሚፈሰው የኢትዮጵያውያን ደም ደማችን ነው!»

የወያኔ መራሹ ግፈኛ ስርዓት በየቀኑ የሚፈጽመው ወንጀል፣ግድያ፣ማቁሰል፣እስራትና ማሳደድ እየጨመረ እንጂ እየቀነሰ አልመጣም።በሥልጣን ላይ የተቀመጠው አምባገነን ሥርዓት ፈራርሶ የኢትዮጵያ ሉዓላዊነት፣ የህዝቧ ጽኑ አንድነትና የዜጎቿ እኩልነት የሚረጋገጥበት ህዝባዊ ሥርዓት እስኪመሰረት ድረስ ትግሉ ይቀጥላል . . . 


ከ«ወሎ ውርስና ቅርስ» ስለወቅታዊ የወሎ ፖለቲካ ሁኔታ የተሰጠ ድርጅታዊ መግለጫ፦

December 13, 2017

በቃ፦ሕዝባችንን ልቀቅ!!

ህዳር 30 ቀን 2010 ዓ.ም.

በሰሞኑ በወልድያ ከተማ የትግራይ እግር ኳስ ቡድን ከወሎ ቡድን ጋር ሊያደርግ የነበረውን ጨዋታ ተከትሎ የተነሳው ብጥብጥ ለአያሌ ሰዎች ህይወት መጥፋትና መቁሰል ለብዙ ንብረት መውደምም ምክንያት ሆኗል።ይህ እስፖርትን ሽፋን አድርጎ በወያኔ ዘበኛ ፈጥኖ-ደራሽ ሃይል ታጅቦ ወደ ቦታው የተላከ የጥፋት ሃይል ገና ከወሎ ድንበር ላይ ሲደርስ ጀምሮ የሕዝቡን ስሜትና ሞራል የሚነካ ፍጹም ብልግናና ድፍረት የተሞላበት የዘር ጥላቻን ያዘለ ስድብና ህገ ወጥ የቁጣ-ቅስቀሳ ተግባር (provocation) እንጂ በእለቱ የተፈጸመ ድንገተኛ ክስተት አልነበረም . . .


ከኢትዮጵያ ክ/ሃገሮች ማህበራት የተሰጠ የጋራ መግለጫ

November 4, 2017

በየትኛውም የኢትዮጵያ ግዛት ውስጥ መኖር መሠረታዊ የዜግነት መብት እንጂ በጎሰኛ ፓለቲከኞች የሚሰጥ ችሮታ አይደለም! . . . . . . . . 



"What Studies in Spatial Development Show in Ethiopia," World Bank

አለም ባንክ፦ በኢትዮጵያ ወረዳዎች መካከል ያሉት የእድገት ልዩነቶች

September 24, 2017

{ካርታዎቹ የነሱ፣ ትንተናው የኛ} . . . 




Density of bottom 40% of income    ከደገኛው፣ይሻል ቆለኛው።

Density of bottom 40% of income

ከደገኛው፣ይሻል ቆለኛው።



The Unnoticed 2017-18 Ethiopian Famine is Well Underway

Let us join hands to make famine history!

September 5, 2017

Millions of people in the Horn of Africa are currently facing acute food and water shortages on the heels of a major food crisis in 2015-16.  Whatever the precipitating causes (drought, global warming, etc.), the underlying cause is the unwillingness of sitting governments to guarantee food security in slowly-developing famines become a clear and present danger...

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

August 30, 2017

የወያኔ መንግስት የሰሜን ጎንደር ዞንን ለመከፋፈልና የምዕራብ ጎንደርን መሬት ለመቀራመት ያወጣዉ እኩይ እቅድ አገር አጥፊ ነው! ...

*     *     *     *     *

August 9, 2017

ላለፉት ሃያ ሰባት ዓመታት ሕዝብን እርስ-በርሱ ለማጋጨትና ለማጫረስ በማሰብ በየወቅቱ የቀውስና የችግር አጀንዳ ከማውጣት ቦዝኖ የማያውቀው የጎሠኞች ስብስብ የሆነው ወያኔ መራሹ ቡድን በተለመደ መሠሪ ባኅሪው እነሆ አንድ ወር ባልሞላ ጊዜ ውስጥ ሁለት አገር የሚያናጉ የጥፋት መንገዶችን ቀይሶ ሕዝባችንን ወደ ትርምስ እየገፋው ይገኛል። ...

*     *     *     *     *

Seattle, July 6, 2017:

  • ስለ 'ወሎ ውርስና ቅርስ' የሰጠነውን ድርጅታዊ ማስተዋወቂያ . . .


መግለጫዎቻችንን ሙሉ በሙሉ ለማንበብ "events" ገጽ ሄደው ይመልከቱ።




 አንኳር ተልዕኳችን፦

የክፍላተ-ሓገራት አስተዳደራዊ መዋቅርን በዜጋ ተኮር ዴሞክራሲያዊት ኢትዮጵያ ማቋቋም።

Sheger FM interview on the illustrious historical heritage of Wollo.

<< ዘር-ተኮር ስርአት የድንጋይ ዳቦ ዘመን ፖለቲካ ነው፤

የጎሳ መታዎቂያ ካርድህን/ሽን ማቃጠል ወቅቱ ነው፡፡>>


Trending:     Ethiopiawinnet! Andnet!

De-trending:     Zeregnet!   Zerafinet!                                         Fisumawinnet! 


የፖለቲካ-ነክ መልእክቶቻችን፦

  • የለውጥ ጭላንጭሉን እንደግፋለን፣ ታላቅ ስጋቶችና ምኞቶም አሉን፤

  • የወያኔን ጭቆና በኦዴፓ/ኦነግ ጭቆና ለመተካት አልታገልንም፣አንቀበለውምም፤

  • የሕዝባችን አንድነት ባለቤተኝነትና የኢትዮጵያ ሉዓላዊነት በሽንገላ፣በሹም-ሽርና በዘውጌነት አይታደጉም፣

  • አረመኔያዊዩን ዘርተኮር ማፈናቀልህን አቁም፤

  • አማራ-ጠልና አማራ-ፍራቻ ፖለቲካህን አቁም፣ የአማራን የፖለቲካና የህሊና እስረኞችን ሳታዳላ በሙሉ ፍታ፤

  • የወልቃይትንና የራያን አካባቢ የአማራ ማንነትንና የዜግነት መብታችን -ይከበር ጥያቄን ደግፍ፣

  • የአግላይ ነውጠኞችን ነጭ ለባሽ አስወጥተህ የተፈናቀለው ህዝብ ተመልሶ የራሱን መስተዳደር እንዲያቋቁም አመቻች፤

  • ከኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ጫንቃ ላይ የከፋፍለህ-ግዛውና የምዝበራ ማነቆህን ያካተተውን የደማሚት ህገ-መንግስትህን ቀደህ በቅቡላዊ ሰነድ ተካው፣

  • ፍርሃትንና የቅጥር-አበጋዞችን ጭፍጨፋ ወጣቶቻችን አሸንፈዋቸዋል፣

  • የበሰለ ዜጋ ራሱን ለቋሚ ለውጥ ማዘጋጀትን ዘንግቶ ለጊዜያዊ አምባገነኖችና ያንደበት ደላዮች አድኑን እያለ አያጎበድድም፤ ራሱን በኩራት ያድናል እንጅ!

  • ኢሓዴግ  ፀረ-ኢትዮጵያና ፀረ-ሕዝብ የሆነ ካንሰራዊ ደዌ ነው፣ በጥልቅ ተሃድሶ እንኳ ፍፁም አይድንም!

  • ለ፴ አመታት አካባቢ ላስፈንከው የአረመኔ ስቆቃ ዘመን እግሩ ላይ ወድቀህ ህዝቡን ይቅርታ ጠይቅ!

  • የምንፈልገው ሃቀኛ "መሪ" እንጅ "ተደማሪ" የግል ተጠቃሚ ጀሌን አይደለም!!

  • አዲስ አበባ፣ናዝሬት፣ ሃረር፣አዋሳ፣ጅማ፣ አሰላ፣ ባህርዳር፣ ደሴ፣ መቀሌ፣ ጎንደር፣ሱሉልታ ወዘተ የሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊ ቅርስ ናቸው፡፡

ኢትዮጵያ ወዴት?

  • በእርቀ-ሰላም ሂደትም ተዳኝተህ አፋኝና ዘር ተኮር ስልጣንህን ለሕዝብ ተቀባይነት ላለው አገልጋይ ልቀቅ!

  • ስር-ነቀል ለውጥ የሚያመጣ ሁሉን አሳታፊ ወደ ዴሞክራሲያዊ ሽግግር መንግስት ሂደት ይጀመር፣

  • የጥንቱ የክፍላተ-ሃገር መስተዳደርሮች በዘር-አልባነትና በሕዝብ ይሁንታነት ይዋቀሩ!!

  • ከዚህ በኋላ ብቻ ነው ፍትሓዊና አስተማማኝ ውጤት ያላቸው የአካባቢና የፓርላማ  ምርጫዎች ሊፈጸሙ የሚችሉት።


በወሎ ህዝብ ላይ ወያኔ ያደረሰውን ታሪካዊ በደል ዝርዝር ለማወቅ እዚህ ይርገጡ፦


Yosef Eshetu.1.20.2018.jpg




የወሎ ክፍለ-ሃገር ተወላጆች የሆን ኢትዮጵያውያን እነሆ ታላቅ የታሪክ ዝናን ያተረፈውን ውርሳችንንና ቅርሳችንን ለማዳበርና ለማክበር፣እንዲሁም የወሎን ሕዝብ ህልውና፣ ነጻነትና እድገት ለመደገፍ እንዲረዳ በማሰብ ይህን የሲቪክ ድርጅት አቋቁመናል። እንደውነቱ ከሆነ ወሎ ሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊ የሚኮራባቸው እሴቶች አሏት--የስነ-ሕዝቧ ስፋት፣የጀግኖቿ እምቢተኛነትና፣ጠንካራ የኢትዮጵያ ብሄርተኝነቷን መጥቀስ ብቻ ይበቃል   ** መተዳደሪያ ደንባችንን ለማንበብ እዚህ ይርገጡ **


We, Ethiopians hailing from the historic region of Wollo, hereby establish a civic organization to celebrate as well as to promote our illustrious cultural heritage, and to support the common cause of freedom and development for the people of the region. Our motto, “Wolloyenet is our marker; Ethiopiawinet is our identity” embraces all Ethiopians who cherish our shared history and our aspirations for a democratic Ethiopia. In so doing, we affirm our pride in Wollo and its enviable legacies. Wollo is a model for Ethiopia for its vibrant diversity, for its tradition of defiant resistance against tyranny, and for its unflinching political identification with a united and democratic Ethiopia.             ** Download Our Bylaws **





[ከአገሬ አዲስ]

ከቶ አይሰለችም ስሙ ቢደጋገም፣

ወሎ ያገር ዋልታ፣ወሎ ያገር ቅመም፡፡

--› ሙሉውን ለማንበብ "FORUM" ገጽ ይህዱ።


የወሎ ተስፋ    * ኪነቶቻችን፥ ውርስና ቅርስሶቻችን *

የወሎ ተስፋ

* ኪነቶቻችን፥ ውርስና ቅርስሶቻችን *

February 2018:

The centenary of the death of Ethiopia's premier heroine:

Etege Taitu Bitul.


እንደምን ናት ወሎ የቴጌዎች አገር፥

የወንዱ ሲገርመን ሴቱም አይበገር፡፡


Ethiopia Hagere 

Ethiopian Music
Korem (1984): A mother's love defeats death.     Food security is a right, not a privilege.     10 ሚሊዮን የቀን ረሃብተኛና 55 ሚሊዮን መሃይም ዜጎችን ያካተተች አገር ታሳፍረናለች እንጅ አታኮራንም፤    ድህነትን ባገራችን የታሪክ አተላ ለማድረግ ድርሻችንን እንወጣ!!

Korem (1984): A mother's love defeats death.

Food security is a right, not a privilege.

10 ሚሊዮን የቀን ረሃብተኛና 55 ሚሊዮን መሃይም ዜጎችን ያካተተች አገር ታሳፍረናለች እንጅ አታኮራንም፤

ድህነትን ባገራችን የታሪክ አተላ ለማድረግ ድርሻችንን እንወጣ!!

ራያ ራዩማ፦ ወሎ ስትመለስ ሁሉም ቦታ ይልማ!!

ራያ ራዩማ፦ ወሎ ስትመለስ ሁሉም ቦታ ይልማ!!


ከሼህ ሁሴን ጅብሪል ትንቢታዊ ግጥሞች

(1811-1908 ዓም፥ዘብሔረ-ወረሂመኖ፤ ወሎ)

*     *     *     *     *

የከተማ ወንፊት በርበሬ እየነፋ፥
ንፋስ የመጣ እንደሁ ነፊው ዓይኑ ጠፋ፤
ዓይኑን እስከሚያሸው ነፊ አጥቶ ተደፋ፥
ንፋስ እያየ ነው በርበሬ የሚነፋ፥
ፍሬው ካልወደቀ ገለባ አይነፋ::

*      *      *       *

ምን መላ ይገኛል ጦር ቢያከማቹት፣

አልገዛም ካለ ከወንድም ከሴት፤

ሸዋ ካልመከረ ይሆናል ወንፊት፣

እባብ መርዙን ከተፋ ይመጣል ፍጅት፣

ይህን እየሰማህ እንዳትገባ እሳት::